Yesterday's Success

Our team's experience in representing Chieftec in Europe successfully for over 25 years has brought us to the realization that a new name on the market is needed.

The Legacy Live On

Chieftronic will build on the legacy of our Chieftec heritage of quality and experience in the PC chassis industry, while bringing in fresh and innovative design features, thus meeting the high demands of gamers and modern power-users.

Chieftronic products are conceptualized, designed and supported in Germany to ensure the products we bring to market closely match the needs of our customers.



Powered by Chieftec

We are proud to introduce:

Chieftronic - powered by Chieftec.

Quality -

A Timeless Commitment

To complement the new product planning and design, we will be relying on the trusted manufacturing quality the market has come to associate with Chieftec products. We are very excited to bring you the newest products and latest trends with tried and tested quality that you know you can trust.



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