PowerPlay Gold Series

The Chieftronic PowerPlay series builds on Chieftec’s many years of experience developing top-quality power-supplies and combines top specs like 80 PLUS Gold (at 550W, 650W, 750W) and 80 PLUS Platinum (at 850W, 1050W, 1200W ), premium Japanese capacitors for low ripple noise with an eye-catching fan filter design to offer an attractive PSU for users who want a true top-tier product.

Fully modular cable management

80 PLUS Gold Efficiency

Premium Japanese capacitors for minimal ripple noise

Quality case housing finish with eye-catching fan filter design

Full mod.png
Japanese Capacitor.png
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Full modular Cable Management

Featuring a rugged build quality, the PowerPlay series measures only 160mm in length, therefore comfortably fitting into almost any system supporting ATX format PSU’s and leaving plenty of space for easy cable management.

Premium Japanese capacitors

This combination of efficiency, performance and build design makes the PowerPlay series a true top-of-the-line model leading Chieftronic’s PSU line-up.




550W Datasheet

750W Datasheet

650W Datasheet

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