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PowerUP Series

With the PowerUp series, Chieftronic aims to bring the well-received technical quality and high performance of the PowerPlay series to the mainstream gamer’s market. With modern full-bridge LLC and DC-to-DC technology, extremely low ripple values and tight voltage regulation can be achieved.

80 PLUS® Gold certified efficiency

Fully modular cable management

Full-bridge LLC converter with DC-to-DC technology

Low ripple and tight voltage regulation

5-year warranty

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Full modular Cable Management

POWERUP SERIES comes with full cable management. Customizable cabling reduces clutter, increases airflow, and improves overall thermal performance.

Full bridge LLC and

DC to DC Technology

Extremely low ripple values and tight voltage regulation can be achieved.An eye-catching fan grill design offers an attractive PSU for users who want a true top-tier product.




550W Datasheet

750W Datasheet

650W Datasheet

850W Datasheet

Product Photos

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