SteelPower Series

80 PLUS® Bronze certied eciency

Fully modular cable management

Half-bridge LLC converter with DC-to-DC technology

Premium Japanese capacitors

FDB 12cm fan

The SteelPower Series from Chieftronic brings many of the well-received and proven upmarket features and components from the PowerPlay series into the mainstream gamer’s market. 

Full mod.png
Half LLC.png
Japanese Capacitor.png

Full modular Cable Management

Gamers can now benefit from the tight voltage regulation and low ripple thanks to the use of half-bridge LLC converters with DC-DC technology as well as premium Japanese capacitors in combination with 80PLUS Bronze efficiency and fully modular cable management.

Elegant Fan Filter Design

Offered in wattages of 550W, 650W and 750W, the SteelPower series benefits from a high power-density design allowing all the above mentioned to be packed into a compact 14cm long housing with a 120mm FDB silent fan. The design of the PSU comes in a rugged understated look.




550W Datasheet

750W Datasheet

650W Datasheet

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